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About us

About us

Plastik INS d.o.o Inđija is one of the leading producers of injection moulded parts in Serbia.


Our vision is to become the leading development supplier of plastic parts on the Serbian market.


The company was designed as a green field in 2009, when the production site in Inđija was built. We offer our injection moulding capacity to customers and produce packaging from our own production program, Serbian and Slovenian.   


We have the capacity to use from 1500 to 2000 tons of material per year for the production of articles weighing up to 3000 g. The use of certified materials means the packaging can be used for transport of dangerous goods.

Our modern machinery from renowned companies have the capacity to produce buckets from 2 to 20 litre. The company employs 15 technically qualified personnel, able to meet all customer requirements.

The company disposes of over 1000 m2 production and 1800 m2 storage space with the offices and technical facility.

Production program

Along with the existing program of plastic packaging we offer our customers injection moulding capacities for technical parts.


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